What if I can't Pay School Fees?

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If you cannot pay school fees you can apply for help. Your first stop is the Parents School Governing Body (SGB) where you can apply for conditional, partial or full exemption from paying school fees. You need to ask the principal or the office for an application form. They will have to assist you with this and it is their duty to help you.

The SGB must inform you of their decision in writing within 7 days after assessing your  application for exemption.

If you are not satisfied with the SGB decision related to full or partial exemption, you may appeal to the Head of Department against the decision of the school within 30 days after receiving the school’s decision. It is the responsibility of every public school to assist parents in lodging appeals.

Schools must not charge school fees for orphans. Schools cannot refuse access to orphans.

Voluntary Contributions

Any parent, including those granted any type of exemption, can make voluntary contribution to the school fund. Contributions can be in the form of money, in kind or in the form of any service a parent may render to a school.

Appeals for Declined Exemptions

A parent whose application has been declined by the SGB has the right to lodge an appeal with the HOD of that province within 30 days after notification of that decision. The principal or School fees Committee must offer a parent this opportunity and assistance by providing and explaining the appeal form to you.

The parent appealing must provide the HOD with:

  • Reasons for appeal
  • All relevant information

The HOD must:

  • Within 14 days after receipt of the documentation from the parent notify the SGB chairperson of the appeal that has been lodged.
  • Inform the SGB that it cannot take any action against the parent until appeal is heard
  • Within 7 days of deciding on the appeal, inform the SGB and the appellant in writing of his/her decision and the reasons thereof
  • The HOD shall request the SGB chairperson to forward to him within 14 days
  • A copy of the minutes of the meeting of the SGB at which the application was discussed and a decision taken
  • Any comments the SGB wishes to make with regard to the application and
  • Any other information relevant to the appeal
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