Is your Child Ready for Grade 1?


The law is South Africa states that a child can go to school at 5 years old, providing they turn 6 by the end of June in grade one. If you feel your child is not yet ready for school, you are allowed to admit them at an older age – five turning six for grade 0, and six turning seven for grade 1.  But it is compulsory for all children to enter school in the year they turn 7.  

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Homework : Help Your Child Succeed


Homework is an essential part of a student's life, and the first time a child gets a taste of it is usually at Grade 1 of Primary School. Schools in South Africa emphasize the need for it, as it increases knowledge, improves and reinforces abilities and skills, and heightens the child's success rate.

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Extra-Murals: How Much is Too Much?


South African schools pride themselves on their sporting and cultural prowess, with long traditions of undying team spirit and meritorious achievements which mostly happen after school and during weekends. The idea of extra-mural activity has some parents in a quandary, while some encourage dedication to it full time. But how much is too much, particularly at Primary School level; the beginning of your child's long school career?

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Tossing Playground Rules


When one New Zealand school tossed its playground rules and let students risk injury, the results were surprising AUCKLAND, New Zealand — It was a meeting Principal Bruce McLachlan awaited with dread.

One of the 500 students at Swanson School in a northwest borough of Auckland had just broken his arm on the playground, and surely the boy’s parent, who had requested this face-to-face chat with its headmaster, was out for blood.

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Choosing a school: Public or Private


The South African education system is made up of three different types of schools: independent or private; public or government; and Model C, or Former Model C schools.  Private education is more expensive than public education – but can offer remarkably high standards of education. Model C schools are government schools and are administered and largely funded by the parent body. Some of the country’s best schools also fall into this category, and fees are somewhere between private and government rates.

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