What School System is Right for Your Child


What sort of school do you want to send your child to? We have looked at public, private and Model C schools. But there are also a few well-established school curriculums or philosophies available in South Africa and it is wise to explore each one in order to find a system that suits your child. Here is a breakdown of the common kinds of schooling systems available to you in South Africa:

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Public, Private or Model C: Which School is Best?


The South African education system is made up of three different types of schools: independent or private; public or government; and Model C schools.  Let’s look at the 3 models. 

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How To Get Involved At Your Child's Primary School


Without a doubt, your involvement with your child's school will most certainly benefit you, your child and the school! You are the most influential factor in your child's life and they will take their cues from you when dealing with school and the community they're part of. Knowing what is happening and helping out at the school will make you a valuable resource for your school and will also enable you to observe and participate in the changes and policies the school will have.  

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How Can You Tell If Your Child's School is Legit?


In 2012, the South African Department of Education released findings of an alarming number of unregistered schools across all provinces. The law states that all schools (public and independent) must be registered with the Department of Basic Education at national and provincial level. Registration grants the applicant school legal authority to offer basic education and enables it to operate within the law. With nearly 26 000 illegitimate educational institutions identified, the government department prioritized on curbing the practice. The problem still persists, though much has been done to create public awareness of the problem. Hefty fines have been implemented, legislation amended, schools closed and perpetrators have been jailed for creating these bogus schools, which essentially defraud and forge the certificates/qualifications of illegally trained students.    

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What is your Child's Learning Style?


Did you know that children learn is three different ways? Experts say there are three main learning styles, although there may be some variations and people may use different combinations of these styles at different times or for different subjects. Find out what they are here.

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