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SchoolGuide’s been trusted by parents for over 16 years to assist them in the most important decision of their child’s educational future. Every year +35,000 parents put their trust in SchoolGuide to find the perfect school for their child.

SchoolGuide was established to help parents easily search, compare and review schools across South Africa. Over 10,000 schools are found in our directory, and are categorized by type, level and province to name a few. Schools showcase an in-depth profile, not found on any other website.

On our way to two decades of experience, we’re continuously improving data, technology and content to make your life – EASIER.

Every phase of your child’s education has specific requirements; milestones, services and questions. We have selected trusted South African teachers, principals, psychologists, and other specialists to contribute to help you make important decisions. You can easily find a wealth of information for each of phase of school by reading advice, tips and articles. Keep up-to-date with the South African curriculum and educational news.

Our mission

  • Inspire South Africans by the promotion of excellence and achievements in education
  • Become the largest Online School Directory and community resource in South Africa
  • Provide parents with current, relevant information and resources

You’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about education in South Africa - all in one place. Find what you need, when you need it.